‘Mini Twist’ rattan doll crib

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You’re not seeing double…we took our super popular twist n shout crib design and miniaturized it so your little ones can have a look alike toy bed to match! This toy bed makes it double the fun to accessorize for dolls, dinosaurs, robots, you name it!

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This rattan doll bed is handmade so it is unique, just like your little one. You will see even more beauty in its small and special imperfections. The rattan is kept completely natural, so color variations may occur.

This is a CE certified toy for children of the age 3+ . If not handled with care or dropped on a hard surface, it could break. Please only use it for its intendent purpose under supervision. 

All our products are finished with EU:EN71-3 certified water based lacquer that is safe for children.

Our mattresses are made from high density foam and natural white cotton.  Both materials are OEKO-TEX certified.


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Dimensions 46 × 32,5 × 33 cm