About Rattan

100% natural – rattan is a climbing palm that can grow two centimeters a day, which is about seven meters a year! It grows in Asian and African forests.

Rattan after peeling and cleaning

Eco-friendly – rattan needs forests as much as we do because it grows on trees.

Handmade – rattan is a material that becomes soft when wet, making it easy to shape it as you wish. After it dries, rattan keeps its shape and becomes strong.

The leftover rattan pieces are taken to a paper factory

Reusable – rattan is an enduring material that can be easily reused for another purpose or up-cycled into something new entirely! Of course it is 100% biodegradable when it finally reaches that time.

Our products combine the natural beauty of rattan with it’s sustainability offering you and your baby a green choice for the future of our planet.

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