Frequently asked questions

1) Safety

2) How it’s made

3) Order : 3.1 payment 3.2 transport

Safety first…

All our baskets and cribs are created with safety in mind. They have been weight tested and they are in conformity with the EU safety guidelines for baby cribs.

1. How long can we use the bed?

– for the smaller cribs like Smile, Twist ‘n shout, Honeycomb and Penny Lane we recommend that the bed is used until the baby can stand up.

– for our big children bed “Big Bang” – your child can grow in it for as long as you think he is comfortable.

2. Can we carry our baby in the seagrass changing basket?

No, this basket is designed for changing purposes only. Use it to change your baby on the couch, on another table, on the floor, wherever you like, but do not transport your baby inside it – it is not meant for carrying.

3. Do you use any chemicals or harmful substances in making your products?

No! Our rattan and bamboo beds and seagrass changing baskets are made only with natural materials, hence their charm. The rattan is coated with a water lacquer that has been tested and complies with the safety rules (the lacquer is provided by Propan Raya – one of the leading producers in SE Asia) . The water lacquer helps the product maintain it’s natural beauty without covering its appearance. This coating is the best method there is for the rattan to remain close to nature.

4. How can you assure the quality of the products?

Part of our time has been living in Vietnam for many years. They work closely with the manufacturers. Every product goes through a rigorous check before it can start its journey towards your home. Yes, every product is checked, but remember rattan is a special type of material and uniformity is not a priority, because we think that every handmade product is special and that’s what we like about it.

Manufacturers Vietnam

1. Where are the beds made?

The beds are made in Vietnam, a tropical country that blooms with bamboo, rattan and seagrass. These materials grow wild here and local people, using traditional harvesting methods, collect them and sell them to manufacturers.

2. How are they made?

HANDMADE – The special flexibility of rattan is crafted by hand or by using special wooden tools in order to give it its desired shape. Firstly, the artisans moisten the rattan with water vapor, and then they mold it in the desired shape – usually around a round pre-designed piece of wood or metal or inside a molded shape tightly tying the rattan with its own skin to keep it together until it dries.

3. Why are our products eco-friendly?

All the materials used are outsourced in a sustainable way. The rattan, bamboo and seagrass are materials that grow fast, that need other plants to grow and can be manufactured in their most natural forms. We do not destroy or damage any ecosystem in the process of collecting the material we need.

Also, we are strongly against the use of plastic. I want to give as an example our seagrass basket. The seagrass is usually tied with small pieces of plastic (have a look at most similar products). However, looking at different methods with our weavers in order to find a resistant and eco-alternative, we discovered that rattan skin is the perfect replacement for plastic. Hurray!

Ordering our products…

Our online shop is growing every day. We are on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or you can order straight from our shop.

1) Payment

You can pay directly by card (VISA/Mastercard) or you can pay us by bank transfer. Our card payments are secured by PlatiOnline. If your transfer us money through bank transfer – the order is confirmed as soon as the money hits our account.

2) Transport

2.1)All shipping in Romania is free of charge.

At the moment we can only provide transport in the EU. We have a fixed sum for all the countries that is calculated after you introduce you address. The transport usually takes up to 10 working days and we use eurosender and Fancurier as our main curriers.

2.2)How about the Big Bang rattan and bamboo bed?

This product is extra large and we could not agree on a fixed rate with our delivery companies. So, whenever you want to order this products (outside of Romania), you need to contact us and we will talk with private transporters in order to find the best possible price.

2.3)Can you ship to countries in Europe that are not in the EU?

For countries like the UK, Norway, Switzerland, and others please contact us so we can check what would the best solution be. We can ask smaller and bigger shipping companies and find out the best price.

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